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Studio 2014/2015 SP2 messing with spacing/line breaks in php files

I tried both versions and the result was files that threw errors when testing on the server.
When I opened them with a text editor I could see that there were very important spacing/line break differences in the code. Is there any way to instruct Studio not to mess up with spacing/white space in php files?
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End punctuation verification rules for Greek (SDL Trados Studio)

SDL Studio allows to run some standard verification tests. One of these is Check that source and target end with the same punctuation (accessible from Project Settings > Verification > QA Checker > Punctuation > End Punctuation).

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Analysis in SDL Trados Studio 2014

Let’s suppose that you have a one file project and while you are translating the file you want to Analyze it. Studio 2014 SP2 makes you click 7-9 times to reach the analysis pane and go back to your file! Now how more user unfriendly could that be! Read more…

Workaround for using Microsoft Translator with SDL Trados Studio 2014

Go to the folder

C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\10\Plugins

Copy the folders
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