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Use links in MultiTerm (Excel, Glossary Converter)

Following an interesting chat with Paul in ProZ (topic title: MultiTerm 2015 – hyperlinked text in notes?) I figured out a way to use links not only with MultiTerm Convert, but with Glossary Converter also. To start with, here is Paul’s video using MultiTerm Convert. Read more…


Sort rows on specific word

Lets say you have a glossary in 2 columns (A and B) and you want to check all the cells that refer you to another headword with the string see x. or βλέπε or even a specific character like a parenthesis. Let’s say you want to check for instances of this string on column B with all the rows that contain the given string.
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Translating Excel files in Trados Studio with embedded tags (html, xml, you name it)

October 25, 2013 1 comment

An excellent article here: Handling taggy Excel files in Studio… where this rule is added for the xls or xlsx filetype:

Start tag <[a-z][a-z0-9]*[^<>]*>

End tag </[a-z][a-z0-9]*[^<>]*> Read more…

Random sort on Excel

Let’s say you want to sort randomly a list of entries contained in Column A. In Column B be you paste: Read more…

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Automatically create serial numbers in Excel rows

Click in A1 cell and paste:


Then press Enter. The value of the cell will change to 1.
Then drag the cell from the corner all the way down or copy the first cell and press Ctrl+Shift+ down arrow. This will select the whole row. Then press Ctrl+V.

Automatically create serial numbers in Excel rows

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Excel: Case sensitive sorting all caps first, then all lowercase, works for Greek text

This is a useful function if you want to maintain glossaries, i.e. fix the wrong capitalizations. If you have two columns and you want to sort the entries in say, column A, then you add this in the first cell of column C:

=(CODE(LEFT(A1))>90) + 0

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Shortcut to toggle between sheets on the same excel workbook

Shortcut to change (toggle) between sheets on the same excel workbook

Ctrl+Page up
Ctrl+Page down