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Customise machine translation in SDL Studio

One easy way to customize machine translation output in SDL Studio is by using a plug-in like MT Enhanced Plugin for Trados Studio.

Version 1.2.3 supports Studio 2015 and has some improvements, including the ability to add an unlimited number of custom find/replace strings that will improve your MT output.

To facilitate adding these entries, Patrick Porter created a browser based editing environment (runs from Chrome); however, it is much easier to use the Excel sheet I prepared (download xml-find-replace2.zip).



If you have a list of find/replace words paste the Find column in Column B and the Replace column in Column D or simply overtype the numbers. You can see one “real entry” below (company -> εταιρικός).

Use PlainText Sheet if you are replacing plain words; the Regex Sheet if you are using regular expressions or the Mixed Sheet if you are using both plain text and regular expressions (you will have to add a “y” next to each row containing a regex).

Excel template

Excel template

Then copy and paste the output of Column G between <Items> and </Items> in test.xml file.

xml file

xml file—open it with a text editor like Notepad++

Then add the xml to the Plug-in Settings as pre- or post-lookup. Make sure you enter the appropriate Find/Replace entries for each type of processing. For example, if I translate from English to Greek, and I want prelookup, I would replace English strings with Greek strings. If I want postlookup I would replace Greek strings with Greek strings.

Settings Provider Options

You can download the files mentioned in this post here.

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