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Search multiple dictionaries with one click

magic-search-reloadedIt has been 4 years since Magic Search was launched, providing one-page search results of multiple dictionaries for a limited number of language pairs (up to 28).

The code of Magic Search has been refactored and massively enhanced to support a number of new features and well over 10,000 language pairs. Now it has its own dedicated domain—MagicSearch.org.

All you need to do is select your favourite language pair, submit a search, and you will get search results from a number of different sources (dictionaries, corpora, MT engines).

You can either have one page results ON or OFF. ON will allow you to scroll through the sources but it will be a bit jumpy until all dictionaries load, whereas if you select OFF you will have to click on each dictionary button in order to display it.

The next time you visit, the site will remember your choice of language pair. But this is not all. If you click on the gear icon, you can reorder as well as exclude/include the available sources. You can even add monolingual sources (excluded by default) in a bilingual search. For example, if you search from English to Greek, by clicking on the gear icon you can add English dictionaries from the Monolingual section of the Excluded column.

To make it easier for you, a dedicated Chrome extension has been developed (use ALT+double click to look up a word); language-pair-specific browser search buttons that work in most browsers (select a word and click the button to search); a language-pair-specific Word macro (which will lookup any word if the insertion point is within its boundaries); as well as asearch form which you can embed in your site.

More info about it on the Help page.

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First published at translatum.

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