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Use links in MultiTerm (Excel, Glossary Converter)

Following an interesting chat with Paul in ProZ (topic title: MultiTerm 2015 – hyperlinked text in notes?) I figured out a way to use links not only with MultiTerm Convert, but with Glossary Converter also. To start with, here is Paul’s video using MultiTerm Convert.

And here is my procedure using Glossary Converter. Make sure that links in Excel are displayed as text like this:

<xref Ulink="http://www.translatum.gr/forum/index.php?topic=399876.0"> URL </xref>

Or, if you want the actual link rather than the hyperlinked word “URL” (you can use any word you want):

<xref Ulink="http://www.translatum.gr/forum/index.php?topic=399876.0"> http://www.translatum.gr/forum/index.php?topic=399876.0</xref>


  • Go ahead with the conversion in Glossary Converter. (Make sure the URL field is defined as descriptive field when asked by the program).
  • Open the sdltb file and export it as MultiTerm xml.
  • Also export the glossary definition.
  • Open the xml file with Notepad++ and perform these file replacements:





  • Close and save.
  • Use the definition you exported previously to create a new MultiTerm database and then import the xml file. (If you had imported directly in the old database you would get duplicates).
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