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Analysis in SDL Trados Studio 2014

Let’s suppose that you have a one file project and while you are translating the file you want to Analyze it. Studio 2014 SP2 makes you click 7-9 times to reach the analysis pane and go back to your file! Now how more user unfriendly could that be!

1. Click on Batch Tasks (wait until it saves the file)
2. Click Analyze Files
3. Click Finish to go ahead with the analysis. Wait for the analysis to complete.
4. Click Close
5. Click Yes on the reopen [file name] dialog if you want to have your file reopened
6. Click on the Reports icon to access the report
7. You may need to click on the latest analysis (on top) as the program will not directly take you there! (in the video below this step is missed).
8. Click on the Files view to return to the Project files.
9. Click on actual file name to open the file.

And… you are done. Now, compare this procedure with any other sane CAT tool, i.e. DVX where you just press a shortcut and you quickly see the results of the analysis. Then you click Escape and you are back on your file.

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