Free web-based translation memory tool by Wordfast

I think this is really exciting news. A short test conducted yesterday kept me happy with its features and performance (in effect, a web-based simulation of Wordfast classic). All “new” (for Trados users) features are there, like seamless integration with Google machine translation.

You simply add your email address and your password to create an account and you can start by creating your TM and pasting your text for translation! You can even share your TM online and work in groups.

People who have worked with Wordfast will have no trouble working straight away. The rest, will benefit by learning the basic shortcuts (i.e. Alt+Down for opening next segment).

See the presentation to get an idea of the software.

Free online (web-based) translation memory tool by Wordfast

Free online (web-based) translation memory tool by Wordfast

Visit to experience the most advanced FREE and completely confidential web-based TM tool.

Wordfast Anywhere is designed to enable translators and agencies to access TM assets in a completely secure, online translation environment.

Wordfast Anywhere users benefit from:

— Immediate deployment of a TM tool without the need to install any software
— Ability to access TMs, glossaries, and project files from your web browser
— Instant workgroup facility for real-time collaboration among team members
— Complete privacy and confidentiality of TM assets
— Machine Translation integration
— Web-based Alignment tool

And best of all, Wordfast Anywhere is FREE for all translators, regardless of whether they have a Wordfast license. (*Certain restrictions may apply. Terms are subject to change.)

However, this is not the only tool offering this functionality, see: Web-based (online) translation memory tools (Google Translator Toolkit, Wordfast Anywhere, XTM, Translation Workspace, Text United)

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